Thursday, 16 October 2008

Home Remedies for Head ache

  • Grind coriander leaves with water and drink a glass everyday to get relief from head ache.
  • Grind cloves into a fine paste, heat it an apply to get fast relief from head ache.
  • Add 35gm powdered cumin seeds to 1 litre gingly oil and boil it. Apply this oil twice a week to get relief from head ache.
  • Add saffron to mothers milk and apply to forehead, best remedy for headache
  • Betel leaves could be a very good topical treatment for headaches. Just get some leaves and heat it a little. Place it over the affected area. Betel leaves has cooling properties that can help soothe down the pain. It also acts like an analgesic that can get rid of headaches fast.
  • Cinnamon contains substances that could help ease the pain associated to headaches. You are going to need finely ground cinnamon for this. Mix at least a teaspoon of cinnamon with a teaspoon of water. Apply the mixture on the painful part of your head. That should give you immediate relief from headaches.
  • Ginger has an uplifting flavor that could get rid of headaches fast. But along with that, it can also treat you of depression or anxiety. Cut some ginger root and boil it in water. Strain the solution and drink it like a tea. That should give you immediate relief from headaches. If you suffer from chronic headaches, be sure to stock up your kitchen with ginger.

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