Thursday, 9 April 2009

Home Remedies to have beautiful lips

Here are some home remedies to keep your lips beautiful:

  • For dryness of lips and cracks, apply 1/2 tsp of milk cream with a pinch of turmeric powder and massage gently. This will make the lips soft and oily.

  • For cracks on the lips, you can apply butter or apply mustard oil.

  • If there is deposition of crusts on the lips, applying almond oil at night will help.

  • For black lips, mash the petals of rose flower with gycerine.

  • Groundnut oil is a good medicine for cracks in the lips. Regularly applying will help to remove the cracks.


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  2. how to remove uneven complexion like dark colour of skin around the eyes and lips.. how to remove that... please suggest

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  4. Hello everyone!!
    Thanks for providing us tips for making our lips beautiful. Beautiful lips increases the beautification of our lips. For cracks on the lips, you can apply butter or apply mustard oil.


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