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Newborns, the bundle of joy brings so much of happiness to each and every mother. But, care of newborn baby is not an easy task for any mother. Have you ever questioned why we celebrate the first birthday of your child very grand? The most crucial period for a child is this first year where the child has to be brought up with utmost care by the mother. Those who have old granny or mother or mother-in-law who are well versed with some simple home remedies for infants can have a big sigh of relief because these simple remedies takes these infants very smooth through this first year without any problems. But in this modern fast track world, following such home remedies are slowly getting washed away. Thanks to internet where we can still keep them alive. In this article I would like to share some of these simple remedies that have been followed by your mothers and grandmothers for ages for the care of infants. I believe that there are still people who are looking for such information and this article would be a boon to them. Happy reading!
It is quiet natural for a mother to think that her child should live long happily without any disease. In the olden days the mothers used to prepare what is called as “Urai Marundhu” (home-made preparation with herbal ingredients) and give to their infants. Today’s mothers have forgotten or do not know about this home preparation with herbal ingredients. If it is given for the infants of 15 days – 1 month and up to 5-7 years, all the major diseases can be prevented.
Ingredients of Urai Marundhu:
sweet flag
snap ginger
There are the 6 ingredients of Urai Marundhu:
  1. Kadukkai Chebulic Myrobalan, Inknut
  2. Sitharathai Indian ginger or snap ginger
  3. Sukku Dry ginger
  4. Jathikai Nutmeg
  5. Masikai Gall-Oak or nut-gall
  6. nutmeg
    gall nut
    Ink nut
  7. Vasambu Sweet Flag
Health Benefits:
Dry Ginger
Kadukkai (Chebulic Myrobalan, Inknut): It helps in improving appetite, digestion and prevents loose motions due to indigestion. It helps the intestine, stomach and liver to function properly.
Sitharathai (Indian ginger or snap ginger): It is usually given to prevent cold and cough. It helps to get relief from chest congestion with phlegm.
Sukku (Dry ginger): It prevents gas formation, stomach pain, indigestion and vomiting. Most of the infants suffer due to colicky pain. What is colic in infants? Colic is inconsolable crying caused by digestive discomfort. Dry ginger helps to soothe the symptoms of colic in babies.
Jathikai (Nutmeg): Nutmeg in small dosages helps to reduce flatulence (gas) and aids digestions and improves appetite. Removes the unwanted crying among infants and gives good sleep.
Massikkai (Gall-Oak or nut-gall): Massikkai is good for digestion and gastric problems and increases the appetite of the baby. Masikkai also Helps the teeth to grow beautifully. Also helps in good urination.
Vasambu (Sweet flag): Vasambu and Kadukkai are called as “pillai valarppan” (agents which helps the child to grow). It helps to improve appetite, tasteless buds and laziness. Also helps in indigestion, stomach pain and chest congestion with phlegm.
How to prepare Urai Marundhu:
Take a big bowl and add 1 tumbler of milk and 3 tumblers of water. Boil the above ingredients in this in low flame till the entire mixture becomes half-a-tumbler. Allow it to cool and take out all the ingredients and wash it with warm water. Keep them in a clean plate and dry them in shade. Do not dry them in hot sun. It will get dried within a week’s time. Store this in a clean box so that it can be used regularly.
How to give Urai Marundhu:
There is special rubbing stone available in Indian Herbal Medicine shops. On this rubbing stone, first squeeze little breast milk. Rub the above mentioned ingredients (2 rubs for infants and can be increased according to the months up to 15 times) on this breast milk and make a paste. Apply this paste in the tongue of the baby. It can be given on alternative days or after giving oil bath to baby.
The alternate method is rubbing the above ingredients in hot water or betel juice or tulsi juice or omam juice (carom) or ginger juice and can be mixed with sugar or honey.
Hot water – Add little hot water and rub all the above ingredients in case of gas and chest congestion.
Betel juice, tulsi juice and honey – In case of phlegm and indigestion.
Carom juice with honey – loose motion
Ginger juice with honey – indigestion, fever and vomit.
The rubbed medicine has to be given very slowly to the infant. This home preparation with the above mentioned herbal ingredients is useful for the overall development of children and they are not prone to any major health problems later. Try this magic age-old preparation and benefit from them.


  1. Homeopathic Treatment is too old it is about 200 year old and developed in Germany. This treatment is based on specific symptoms of disease.

    homeopathic treatment

  2. Good Work. I like the concept of treating a disease at home without visiting any doctor. But still one should confirm any remedy before applying it.

  3. Just had a question about giving urai marundu with honey.. is it the right way to give

  4. Is it right to give urai marundu with honey to infants

  5. onedoubt, it was been told "Do not dry them in hot sun. It will get dried within a week’s time" so it means we should not keep those under sun. it can be dried inside the house am i right becausei am in uk and we can not see sun like india. and whts the duration to dry.

    1. Yes, you can dry them inside your house, that has been the practice.

  6. But doctors are said dont try urai marunthu treatment.... explain me..pls ........... Tell me more remedies for new born child

  7. Shall I give this medicine during night time. Kindly suggest. Bcoz my mil won't encourage me such kind of treatments. So if it is possible il give this medicine to my baby during night time. Please reply


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