Monday, 16 February 2009

Home Remedies for thick Eyebrows

After shaping eyebrows in a beauty parlour, one can follow these tips to mainatin it depending on their eyebrows.
  • Thin eyebrows: Apply castor oil regularly before going to bed. This help in getting good hair growth.

  • For thin eyebrows , first use a brown pencil and draw the eyebrows, then using a black eyebrow pencil give a natural look to the eyebrows.

  • Fo those who have dandruff in the eyebrows, apply olive oil regularly. Olive oil also gives softness and attractive look to the eyebrows.


  1. I just read online on a few blogs about how castor oil is not good for your eyebrows and in the long run your eyebrows might just fall out and become thinner. I am scared because i just started using castor oil in my eyebrows since the last couple of days. I am very confused! Please help!!

  2. i have been using castor oil for a while, nd i had an increase in thickness, lately its been thining and i think that is becouse of the dandruff in ma hair.vat shud i do?

  3. vaseline helps re-growth too.. and brushing your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush to stimlulate blood flow to the brow.

  4. Thanks for an informative article

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  6. My eye brow is thin and small, what will be more effective to get it grow soon.

  7. My eye brows are very thick and black .l like to reduce the thickness without trimming if there is any medicines for the sake ....pls let me know


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