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  • After every 20 minutes of looking continuously on your computer screen, turn your head and look at any object which is placed 20 feet away. After continuously looking to the monitor, generally our eyes gets tired. This exercise helps in changing the focal length of the eyes and relaxes the eyes.
  • To moisten the eyes, blink the eyes for 20 times in succession.


  1. The tip given here is very useful Give some more tips for improving eyesight. I'll feel oblized.

  2. For Eyes health: 1) Keep your both the hands straight to your eyes and look both the thumb fingers.Now move one hand side way up to the shoulder and bring back the hand to the center( straight to your eyes) on looking the hand while moving.Repeat the same for the other hand also. Do it for 5 times.
    2) Next, see up and down, down and up and left side to right side, right side to left side - do this for 5 times.
    3) Now rotate the eyes from left to right and right to left side, do this for 5 times.
    4) see the sun at early morning, when it is so cool at 6am to 6.30 am.

    5) Take 2-3 nos of Kovaikaai leaves( it is climber family,can see in village fences with red colour fruit-the cuckoo and parrots love it). 1-no: shallot ( sambar / small onion) and 1/2 tsp Cumin (Jeeragam). Now crush in pounder, put it in clean white cotton cloth and strain one drop for the children and 2-3 drops for adults.This should used only once in a month, If you do this, sure you will see the better result for short and long vision problems.It will cure those problems.


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