Saturday, 18 August 2012

How can you delay your period

Here are some period remedies on how can you delay your period.  You may look for this when you have to attend an important function or some other compelling reason.  Early in the morning eat sabja seed in curd mixture and eat 2 bananas.  The chances are you may not get your period the whole day.  Another way is on an empty stomach eat a handful of raw fried gram and drink a cup of water.  You can have coffee or anything to eat only after one hour.  This way you can delay your period for a whole day.  However, period is a natural happening for women, so it is better that we do not try to stop anything that happens naturally, unless it is very compelling.  Anyways, these home remedies are better to follow rather than taking pills according to me.  I leave it your decision.  Happy womanhood!!


  1. The best thing about herbal remedies are, they are highly effective along with being free from any side effect. Thanks a lot for sharing such nice information with everyone.

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    1. Actually, there's no reason to think that herbal remedies do not have side effects. Any poisonous plant could be considered herbal, after all... I'm not saying herbal remedies are bad, they are surprisingly effective, just don't consume everything herbal blindly...

    2. Hello,
      I actually searching herbal blend of what they can give for us but thanks for reminding us that not all herbal remedies are useful.

  2. I really appreciate your blog and your articles are very useful. Thanks so much for sharing. Happy new year with excellent health.


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